There are obviously things that can go wrong when you have indoor office plants, no matter how hardy the breed of plant you choose, if you fail to care for your office plants properly. There are, however, standard symptoms that may appear and based on those symptoms, you may be able to nurse your office plant back to full health if you just know what to look for and what action to take!

Pests: The most common pests that may affect your indoor office plants are aphids, mites or scales. Aphids attacking your indoor plants can easily be dealt with by taking the office plant outside and blasting it with water from a high-pressure hose. Mites can be removed from an office plant the same way and scales can be removed by picking them off with your fingers.

Leaves Turning Brown: The leaves on an indoor office plant turning brown can be the result of too much or too little light. You can find out whether this is the problem with your indoor plant by researching the individual plant’s needs or making enquiries at your nearest nursery. You should also gauge whether the plant is receiving as much moisture as it requires.

Flowering Plants Not Blooming: Flowering indoor plants that aren’t blooming may require a change in environment. You can try moving the indoor plant to a different part of the office – one with different light intensity or with more or less humidity than before. Once again, researching the specific heat and water requirements of your indoor office plant may be the solution to why your indoor plant refuses to flower.

Leaf Tip Burn: Tip burn can be caused by too much salt in the plant, insufficient fertiliser or toxicity in the office environment. An indoor office plant showing signs of leaf tip burn is usually the result of incorrect watering. Leaf tip burn in an indoor plant can be the result of too much water or too little water. Adjusting the amount of water you give your indoor plant can improve your office plant’s general health. Just be sure to observe the plant closely once you adjust its watering regime.

Indoor office plants are a great addition to any work place and when choosing the plants you want in your office you should take the environmental conditions in your office into account. If you should kill an indoor office plant, don’t be afraid to get another one and try again!