When someone mentions “Green Walls”, the first thing that springs to mind is probably those enormous full wall murals up in only the most elite buildings. The buildings that have a green statement to make and a budget to back that statement up. Imagine, though, if any business could have a form of green wall that didn’t necessarily need to blow their budget. Well, living pictures are here in South Africa, and they’re making offices around the country look amazing.

Living pictures have numerous benefits other than just budgetary ones. They decorate the office walls with greenery so that your staff are accessing all the health benefits of having living greenery in their workplace; it is aesthetically pleasing for visitors like clients; makes a statement about your businesses’ commitment to improving your carbon footprint all the while saving very valuable floor space which, let’s be fair, is a premium purchase these days.

We have extensive experience in the supply and long-term maintenance of green wall products and if you’re wondering if a planter hung on the wall would require extensive waterproofing, the answer is no. The planters, made from steel (biodegradable) is completely waterproof. They are low maintenance with a simple weekly or integrated watering system and it’s very easy to replace plants or change the plant display.

These versatile living pictures can hang on both solid and dry walls and so the only question remaining is “what are you waiting for?”